Anna-Christina Music


Design Your Ship

"When I got into the studio in London, Anna-Christina created a space of deep trust and support. Her kindness and professionalism allowed me to connect to my inner voice and gave me the right energy to speak up. The work she did AFTER the recording is mind blowing! She accompanied my voice with powerful trance inducing sounds, emphasized certain power moments, and playfully gave life to my words.

Anna-Christina composed a wonderful piece of music that, after many months, still moves me to tears when I listen to it. Actually, it’s not only music, Anna-Christina managed to create an incredible experience from my guided meditation. It’s a 20 minute symphony and it deeply connects the listener to clear emotions induced with the purpose of manifesting their desires. I recommend Anna-Christina for those who are experienced in doing meditations and want to take it to the next level, using music composition to create art and inspiration."

Andreea Vasile

Nature’s Rainbow Mindfulness Meditation for Teens

"Working with Anna-Christina on 'Natures Rainbow Mindfulness Meditations for Teens' has been wonderful. Anna Christina is a highly talented, professional, and warm hearted individual who made the production a fun and enjoyable experience. I highly recommend her work and I look forward to working on future projects with her."

Dawattie Basdeo

O Gallery London

"I worked with Anna-Christina on producing an original score for the Olumide Gallery launch at Groucho Club. I found her easy to work with, she paid attention to detail and produced work which fit my brief perfectly. I would definitely use her skills again."

Eunice Olumide